FoxTerm is a free multi-session terminal emulation application. FoxTerm runs on Windows systems running .Net 3.5 and above. Most applications that monitor and log COM port and Telnet connections force the user to open an application instance for each connection. This can be tedious and results in a cluttered desktop. FoxTerm allows the user to create and open a session that contains multiple connections.

FoxTerm supports loading an XML file that contains session information. When there are many connections, bringing up a session saves the user time over opening connections individually. The FoxTerm application comes with an XML example that contains comments detailing the supported XML elements and attributes.

Starting and stopping logging is easy with the logging dialog that can start and stop logging on one or more connections at the same time.

Both runtime and startup macros are supported. Using the startup macro feature, it is easy to automatically login and connect with remote hosts that require credentials. The runtime macro can be used to continually send a set of commands to the remote host for testing purposes.

Current Features

  • FoxTerm is free for both personal and business use
  • Customizable timestamp formatting
  • Runs on Windows/.Net 3.5 systems
  • Communicate with devices using serial COM ports and Telnet
  • Open multiple windows in the same session
  • FoxTerm sessions are saved to disk in XML format and are easy to edit
  • Optional keep alive feature prevents remote hosts from killing the connection in Telnet connections
  • Start/Stop logging across one or more connection windows
  • Periodic log file flushing - log files are flushed approximately every 10 seconds
  • Simple macro support. SendLine(), Sleep(), and while(1) are supported
  • Macro startup feature allows a user to run a macro after making a connection. Useful for remote hosts that require login credentials
  • Broadcast command feature allows users to broadcast a user-entered command to one or more open connections

Future Features

  • Full ANSI escape sequence support. ANSI escape sequences are used to control text formatting and other output options. Today, FoxTerm only displays plain text.
  • SSH connection support
  • Improved scripting support
  • File transfer protocols like y-modem and z-modem

By downloading and using FoxTerm, you agree to the following license agreement. If there are any features you would like to see or issues that you would like to report, please send us an email at support@foxterm.net